Julian Edelman's hands are a lot more reliable than his memory.

The New England Patriots wide recently receiver posted a photo on Instagram of a video game he rented from Blockbuster in 2004, but never returned.

Edelman rented the game when he was still in high school. Getting it back may prove a tougher task than going across the middle, since there are only a few Blockbusters remaining, including one in the Boston area.

Edelman may want to watch his back, though, to make sure the cops aren't on his tail. He may suffer the same fate as the man who was arrested for failing to return his copy of the Tom Green classic Freddy Got Fingered after 14 years. Bill Belichick wouldn't be too pleased if one of his key players had to miss any OTAs because he was locked up over a video game snafu from when he was a pimply teenager more worried about prom dates than running a post pattern.