Spring isn't even here yet, but we've already found ourselves in peak bat flip season.

Texas A&M-Texarkana's Kenneth Fudge blasted a walk-off grand slam on Saturday against Jarvis Christian that was topped by a bat flip that Jose Bautista would be proud to pull off.

Just look at the arc he gets on that. You could argue the bat went higher and deeper than the ball. And it's a good thing he did it on a hit that ended the game because you just know the other team would be thinking about plunking him the next time he came up to bat.

Texarkana won the game, 7-3, and Fudge, who says the bat flip was done out of "excitement," certainly had reason to showboat. He drilled three home runs and drove in all seven of his team's runs, so, really, plunking him may have been a wise strategy to stop him from doing more damage.