Iowa has two beautiful young women who will represent the state as Miss Iowa USA and Miss Iowa Teen USA for 2021, following pageants Saturday night, May 8, at the Marriott Downtown in Des Moines... in the Iowa Ballroom, of course. Both the Miss Iowa Teen USA and Miss Iowa USA competitions had three segments. They were evening gown, swimwear/activewear, and interview.

The new Miss Iowa USA is Katie Wadman, a student at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. She took home the crown after winning both the People's Choice and Miss Congeniality categories.

Future Productions

As you can see, Katie had plenty of support, even from those who couldn't be there in person:

The winner of Miss Iowa Teen USA was Angel Strong of West Des Moines. She was also named Miss Congeniality for her pageant. Strong is the second straight young woman from West Des Moines to win Miss Iowa Teen USA, following Hailey Parton last year. Kristen Hovda of Cedar Rapids was named Miss Iowa Teen USA in 2019.

Future Productions

Congratulations Katie and Angel! Both ladies get thousands of dollars in prizes and awards, according to a media release by Future Productions. They also move on and will represent Iowa in upcoming pageants. Katie will compete for the title of Miss USA on Monday, November 29 while Angel will vie for the crown in the Miss Teen USA pageant two days earlier, on Saturday, November 27.

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