The "click and ride" taxi service known as Uber has made it's way to the Quad Cities!

We first heard rumors of this last year, and today the company made the surprise announcement that services have officially started in the area.

To use Uber...

1. Download the App from the Apple, Android, or Google Play Store.

2. Put in your credit/debit card information (yes, this is completely secure).

2. Use your location to see which drivers are near you.

3. Insert your destination and Uber will designate one of their drivers to come pick you up.

4. The app will tell you how long it will take for your driver to get you and automatically take the payment from your card. No tips, no cash, plenty of convenience.

I've used this in cities like Chicago and Minneapolis and I love it!

Also, if you have a car you could make money driving for Uber.

Click HERE to get a fare estimation and to apply to be a driver.

Happy Ubering!