The restaurant is new, the menu is different than many of its style, but the location is a familiar one for many Quad Citians.

Coya's Mexican Cafe opened a month ago and features classic dishes, but you'll find unique menu items you don't find just anywhere.

Coya's Mexican Cafe/Facebook

According to a QC Times article, Coya's features Mexican 'street food' that you might find sold at stands and markets and also focuses on breakfasts like Mexi yogurt, fresh squeezed orange juice, Mexican coffee and desserts like puddings and flans.

Coya's Mexican Cafe/Facebook

I'm excited to try the food, but I'm also glad to go back to a familiar Mexican restaurant location. The cafe opened in the original Jalepeno's Mexican restaurant; a refurbished gas station which many of us frequented over 20 years ago. To add one more '6 degrees of seperation' the owner's mother used to work at the original Jalapeno's back in the day.

I can't wait to taste the chilaquiles, homemade soups and see how this familiar spot has been updated to a cozy, colorful, tasty, cafe.