Play by Play Schedule

ESPN 1170 AM has the best Play-by-Play in the Quad Cities!  When the big game is on, you know where to listen.

ESPN 1170 is the Quad City station for the Chicago White Sox, the Iowa State Cyclones, and the NFL, MLB and NBA playoffs.

Make sure to catch the next game:

7/266:30pm-1:30pmWhite Sox @ Kansas City Royals
7/276:30pm-1:30pmWhite Sox @ Kansas City Royals
7/286:30pm-1:30pmWhite Sox @ Kansas City Royals
7/2912:30pm-4:30pmWhite Sox @ Kansas City Royals
7/306:30pm-10:30pmWhite Sox vs. Cleveland Indians
7/315:30pm-9:30pmWhite Sox vs. Cleveland Indians
8/112:30pm-4:30pmWhite Sox vs. Cleveland Indians
8/36:30pm-10:30pmWhite Sox vs. Kansas City Royals
8/46:30pm-10:30pmWhite Sox vs. Kansas City Royals
8/56:30pm-10:30pmWhite Sox vs. Kansas City Royals
8/612:30pm-4:430pmWhite Sox @ Chicago Cubs
8/712:30pm-4:430pmWhite Sox @ Chicago Cubs
8/85:30pm-9:30pmWhite Sox @ Chicago Cubs
8/96:30pm-10:30pmWhite Sox @ Minnesota Twins
8/106:30pm-10:30pmWhite Sox @ Minnesota Twins