This weekend I learned what many Quad Citizens have known for years: The Bix is fun even if you're not running! In fact, maybe it's more fun. I was somewhat dreading the day. I mean who wants to get up at 5AM and set up for a party? By 7:30AM I was enjoying bacon, potatoes and chicken wings from A Guy In A Grill. For dessert I enjoyed a couple of donuts from Donuts and More. Then later I had some ice cream from Here's The Scoop.

Sometime during the eight o'clock hour my co-worker Andi had donned a donut  costume and proclaimed herself the donut queen.

Andi the Donut Queen. (Roberta Osmers)

After that my co-workers Govia and Alyssa started playing the jams. Both did a great job. We rocked, we danced, and even played Elvis when the Elvi (is that plural for Elvis?) came jogging by. They stopped and danced and posed for us.

There were also those people participating in the Bix with something to prove. Like the very senior citizen with his back hunched over slowly making his way back down the Brady Street Hill after most others had crossed the finish line. Everyone at our party and those lining the streets cheered these people on, hopefully helping them to get to the finish line.

Bill tempting the runners with beer and donuts. He ended up with around 12 takers. (Roberta Osmers)

My favorite part, aside from helping my co-worker Bill tempt runners with donuts and ice cold beer, was when I stepped out and looked down Brady towards the river. Nothing but a sea of runners coming at me. I was trying to get a good picture of that. Didn't happen. However before I knew it, people were running by me on both sides. So many I couldn't get back over to the party in our parking lot. I did take that opportunity to do a Facebook Live video.

We've already decided we're going to hold another party for the Bix next year and I can't wait. I hope you'll party with us at the Rock 'N Roll Mansion because you're invited!