Getting people to pay attention to your posts on Facebook can be difficult. I can imagine it's even harder when you're a law enforcement agency. Sure, people who have an interest in law enforcement, a friend or family member who is an officer, they're going to like, click and share posts. The average person, maybe not so much. Lately the Illinois State Police and Illinois State Police District 7 East Moline Facebook pages have been doing quite a good job at showing us what our State Troopers are up against while on patrol, while also reminding us why laws exist in the first place.

Here's some of my favorite posts from these two pages:

There's this post about the wrong way truck driver who got the book thrown at him for closing down an Interstate for several hours:

Or this guy who decided a great way to transport gasoline was in a trash bag:

Or this steaming mad parent who wanted a trooper to write his daughter up not only for speeding, but texting while driving:

Or this plea shared from Georgia Law Enforcement reminding parents not to use cops as the boogie men to get kids to behave:

My favorite post though, is a short piece of advice shared on the Illinois State Police page. I grabbed a screen shot of this one:

Illinois State Police Facebook Page

This is a close second from the Illinois State Police Facebook Page. Saying what we're all thinking when there's a slow poke in the left lane:

Illinois State Police Facebook Page

While the stories are fun, the messages behind the stories are important. Liking these pages also gives practical information all of us can use. Such as information on Illinois new car seat law. Or how the roads are during and after a snow storm. And what's going on in our communities that we should be aware of.

So go ahead and like the pages, they're guaranteed to entertain you while you put off doing that report your boss needs. You might also pick up a piece of information that'll save you the pain of a ticket, or a white knuckle ride in a storm.