Hawkeye fans; the supremely passionate to the casual were pleased to end the season with a 56-14 win against Nebraska and some fans are still giddy over defeating Ohio State 55-24 that eighty-sixed the  Buckeyes' chances of a national championship status this season. One famous broadcaster called the Hawks, "the fake ID of college football."

The 7-5 Hawkeyes didn't have a perfect season, and at times didn't play their best, but true Hawkeye fans persevere. What are some of the signs of a true Hawkeye fan and not just one who jumps on bandwagon after a big win? Here's our list of 5:

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You Plan Your Vacations Around Bowl Games

You took time off, bought tickets and traveled during the holidays to someplace cold and expensive to root for your team at the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium just to see your team play "one last game" and seize this postseason opportunity.

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You Name Your Business After Them

If you name your business Hawkeye Sports Bar and Grill, Hawkeye Movers, Hawkeye Electric or anything else with the team in the name, you know how to market yourself into the correct audience.


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You Name Your Child or Pet "Kinnick" or "Hawkeye"

We've had a dog named "Herkey," a cat named "Hawkeye" and I know a baby named "Kinnick." Naming a child after your team is easily as permanent as that tiger hawk tattoo you have as well.


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You're The Eternal Optimist

Whether the team finishes 0-12 or 12-0 you hope for better luck next year or expect another winning season even though you may or may not have signed that elusive petition to fire Kirk Ferentz when the team was performing so poorly a few years back.

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You Can Wave Better Than Anyone For The Best Reason Ever

It's the tradition that's received national attention and something we Hawkeye fans can be as proud of if not more than the on field action. The 'Wave' at the end for the first quarter between fans in the stands and the young patients in the Stead Family Children's Hospital is heartwarming and a wonderful way to complete the full Iowa City Kinnick Stadium experience. Congratulations; you're a true Hawkeye fan! Now let's win that Pinstripe Bowl today!