Today's story is brought to you by the color "orange." Orange barrels, signs, and cones should indicate motorists are entering a work zone and show the correct path they SHOULD take to safely navigate through it.

Illinois State Police District 7 East Moline/Facebook

According to the Illinois State Police District 7 in East Moline, the responding state troopers were somewhat impressed that this driver was able to negotiate the vehicle around the very narrowly placed barrels and drive through that length of wet concrete.

Illinois State Police District 7 East Moline/Facebook








They say as much of a head-scratcher as this is, one thing needs to be made clear. The mistake by this driver, spanning just a few seconds, not only caused $20,000-$30,000 worth of damage to this construction site: it has also delayed this section of road from being reopened at I-74 and the Avenue of the Cities.

Yes,  the driver was cited with several tickets. The real issue will come when the construction company sends their bill.

The law enforcement agency says for everyone's sake (workers, and drivers), please take your time going through these active zones. Follow signs and look ahead for possible hazards.