Good things come in all shapes and sizes.  That is what I've always been told.  This Quad Cities groups definitely proves that right as they get together and create these awesome, and very tiny miniature figurines.

Now the group is taking their passion and using it to raise money for Gilda's Club Quad Cities.  The goal is to raise a sizable donation to present the funds to Gilda's Club at the end of breast cancer awareness month. Anyone can paint a miniature with "pink" on it to help raise money.

QC Paint It Pink

These are some great pieces of art, and I mean look a tiny Baby Yoda in a pink Santa suit.  You can check somebody off the Christmas list right now with that one.

QC Paint It Pink

These miniatures are so detailed in their design and as you can see by it sitting on the little jar of paint, they are very tiny.  You can see them for yourself.  During breast cancer awareness month, (Oct 1-Oct 30) you'll be able to see them and bid on these miniatures at Game Plus 1.

Think you have good eyes and a steady hand as well.  Think you can paint one of these and color in the lines.  Give it a try.  Game Plus 1 is offering 30% off one shelf price unpainted miniature that is purchased to enter into the auction.  Entries will be able to be dropped off the month of September.

Learn more about the group, see more pictures and check out the details on the fund raiser on their Facebook page here.

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