If the folks at USA Today are correct, the best baseball will be played in the NL Central again this year.

The newspaper's annual MLB projections have the Cubs and Cardinals as the league's two best teams in 2016, record wise.

Pretty much every publication's 2016 projections have the Cubs with the league's best record, and that's no different with USA Today.  They're predicting the North Siders to win a whopping 101 games this year.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals are projected to finish in about the same place the Cubs did last year.  With one of the league's best records, but still not a division champion.  USA Today says the Cards will hold a 97-65 record.

On the South Side, things aren't going to be much worse.  The White Sox are projected to share the AL's best record with the Houston Astros at 90-72, which would be a 14-win jump from last season.

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