March Madness? Try March sadness.

After Boston College finished its season losing to North Carolina State in the opening round of the ACC Tournament on Tuesday, seven-foot senior Dennis Clifford was asked about his best memory playing basketball at the school.

A choked up Clifford, who averaged a hair under 10 points a game this season, started to answer, but then struggled to maintain his composure and remained silent for 20 seconds before tearily saying, "Going out to eat."

The Eagles endured a season no team should. They went 7-25 without recording one victory in league play.

This is the time of year in college basketball when we root for the upsets and the Cinderella stories, but it's also the time of year when scores of players see their careers come to an end. The realization is too much for Clifford to handle, even after a brutal season. It's not a shock the season ended for BC, but it still hurts.

There's also an irony in Clifford's comments about going out to eat being his best memory. You may recall several members of the team got sick back in December after eating at Chipotle.

If this is how emotional a guy on a 7-win team gets, brace yourself for the tears from players on the team that loses the national championship.