The big event Dick Vitale is most excited about this month is not March Madness.

The eternally ebullient college basketball announcer for ESPN appears in an ad for IFC, reminding people of the legendary movies that will air on the cable channel this month.

Vitale does commentary while clips for Rocky, Jaws, Scarface and The Matrix are all included.

You gotta love how fired up he is for movies that have probably already aired on cable a combined 5,000 times that no one has reason not to have ever seen. If you get TNT, USA, TBS, Spike TV, FX, AMC, TCM or IFC, these films have been at your disposal for years.

But you know what's even odder? Hoosiers is not among the titles in IFC's rotation. Come on -- what better movie to show in March than the classic basketball story in which underdogs defy the odds to become champions?